For English Speaking Videogame Music Fans Who Want to Buy MP3s from EGG MUSIC

投稿日: 2009年3月10日

Although EGG MUSIC’s website itself is entirely in Japanese language yet, we have brought in Paypal as one of payment methods. It means that entire video game music on EGG MUSIC is now available not only at Japanese Yen but also at US Dollar and Euro.

To buy MP3s, you have to sign up for Amusement Center at first. Then login, check out the catalogue. In case you do not read Japanese language, at least previews are available beyond the language barrier. Feel free to click &nbsp, and put the item in &nbsp if you find a song (or an album) to buy – your item(s) will be inserted to the shopping cart. For making payment, click on the upper right of the catalogue, then click on the bottom-right corner of the cart.

Hope you’ll find many good Japanese video game music (mainly FM-synth based) from over 8000 items. Note that most of them are not available outside EGG MUSIC!

Best regatds,

hally (EGG MUSIC producer)