Zanac's battle, which was supposed to have been concluded, didn't really end. Zanac takes off again in order to suppress the organic intelligence, which has restarted its activities!
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""Zanac Ex"", which was released in 1986, is a vertically scrolling SF shooting game. Storywise it can be seen as the sequel to the MSX version of ""Zanac"". The player controls the advanced AFX-6502 ""Zanac"" in order to battle the organic intelligence. The AFX-6502 ""Zanac"" has a regular shot and special weapons on board. Special weapons can be switched by picking up chips with numbers that appear on the battlefield. The special weapon can be reinforced by picking up more chips of the same number. There are many kinds of special weapons, varying from well-known weapons such as piercing bullets that destroy all enemies in a line and bullets that can be shot in four directions, to barriers that protect your ship, oscillating bullets that move with high speed from left to right and rotating projectiles that rotate around your ship with high speed. Plenty of variation! You can switch special weapons if the circumstances require you to do so, or reinforce your favorite special weapon to the max - it's all up to your own playing style! One thing we should not forget to tell you about, is the ""ALC"" - the Auto Level Control system. In this game, the fierceness of enemy attacks will increase or decrease depending on the way you proceed. For example, the fierceness of enemy attacks will decrease if you destroy an enemy base or a spy plane. Therefore, each time you play the game will be different, so you can enjoy this game each time with a clean slate. By the way, there are multiple versions of ""Zanac"". The original is the MSX version of ""Zanac"", but the Famicom-version is a drastically arranged version of it. ""Zanac Ex"" is an MSX2 port of this Famicom-version.