Blaster Burn Collection 2

The second part of the "Blaster Burn Collection"! Witness it with your own eyes to the crashing end!
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Shoot’em Up
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""Blaster Burn Collection 2"" starts where its prequel ended and contains everything until the very end! We also added ""Blaster Burn Gallery 2"", containing all the data of this part of the collection, and the special version used for the ""Blaster Burn Score Trial"", which was organized on DS#26. The readers were crazy about this!

This part starts at the midst of the campaign and the further you proceed, the fiercer the enemy attacks will get. ""Guardic II"" will finally break into the fortress of Gose after evading ferocious attacks, but what is it that appears there...? Shocking developments await you in the second half of ""Blaster Burn"". We would really like you to see the final events with your own eyes!

In the ""Score Trial"" version, a special stage has been prepared, in which far more enemies than in the normal game appear. Enjoy trying to reach the highest score and the exhilarating sense of pounding away all enemies!