Excellent work hidden compile shooting. Become a hundred demon flash of temple bounty hunter, is shooting for debt repayment, and shoot, and Uchimakure!
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Shoot’em Up
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"The 'rude Breaker "", shooting games are included in the game magazine DiscStation # 10 was released in Japan in 1996. Borrow a love machine wing Lancer is Hyakki flash temple of debt king and hunter facing a debt of 100 million and $ 80 million (continued Senkoji beauty ~Ya~tsu), player of 100 million $ 20 million aimed at significantly repayment of debt and thus the wage a fierce battle to catch bounty, void the Institute Juzo (Juzo Parakeet void). Choose from three types of Vulcan, laser, missile at the start of the game. Strengthen the love machine wing Lancer while winning power chip to enhance the shot, the option items that can be enhanced up to three stages options by getting in a row and equipment options to capture all five stages.

Note that optional equipment at the time, and need attack method is changed by putting on and taking off of the option, just to lose the option, even if you struck up once. For example, become invincible only a moment in time item acquisition, feature seems to compile shooting are also included many other.

Difficulty changing a game, of course, optional items that appear during the game by eliminating whether the moving speed of the aircraft, on / off auto shot, the return shot from the enemy defeated, the ship selection of games start in the configuration There can also Tsu be into three types. It may be said that the excellent work that this work fine usability to have been considered, a wide range of players can enjoy."