What is Amusement Center?

About AC

Amusement Center is a web portal that provides various game-related services, just one of which includes the retro game compilation distribution website that AC started entitled Project EGG. Becoming an AC member is free and allows you to access all of the content listed below. However, you must register your payment information as well when accessing any services that require payment.

Introduction to Our Services

Project EGG

*Project EGG is a fee-based service. The monthly charge is 500 yen(tax excluded). There is an additional fee required to buy each individual game. Project EGG is a service that releases Japanese retro games for use on Windows computers. Games that gained popularity on systems such as the PC-8801, the PC-9801, and the MSX can be enjoyed once more.

*Please confirm compatible titles before subscribing.

EGG MUSIC (Japanese language only)

*Usage of EGG MUSIC is only available to registered members of AC. Payment of an additional fee is required for the purchase of any content.

EGG MUSIC is a game music download distribution service. A broad selection of music starting at the classic PSG/FM soundtrack game music and extending to the composers’ original music is available to be purchased in high quality and reasonably priced mp3 files. Sound samples are also available.

Falcom Museum (Japanese language only)

*In order to purchase game content you must be a registered user of Project EGG.

Falcom Museum is a fan site that has collected content from the Japanese game maker Japanese Falcom. It also sells classic Falcom games.

Compile Station (Japanese language only)

*Only registered AC members can use the Compile Station. The purchase of any content requires the payment of an additional fee.

Compile station is a fan site that has collected content from the Japanese game maker Compile. It also sells classic Compile games.

iTA-Choco Shop (Japanese language only)

*Only registered AC members can use the iTA-Choco Shop. The purchase of any content requires the payment of an additional fee.

iTA-Choco Shop is a fan site that has collected content from the Japanese game maker iTA-Choco. It also sells classic iTA-Choco games.

How to Purchase Content

The Steps of Purchasing Content

Agree to the terms of service and obtain an ID and password. Select products from each service page catalog. Input payment information and complete payment. Purchase complete.

When buying content that requires payment you will be asked to register for the associated fee-based service during the payment process. (Currently only applicable to Project EGG)

Currently only PayPal is supported as a payment method.


About AC Points


What are AC points?

AC points are generated whenever you purchase content within Project EGG, EGG MUSIC, Compile Station, or iTA-Choco Shop; or through continual subscriptions to fee-based services. When buying on AC, each point is equal to one yen.
(*Points are only generated when purchasing with cash).

Examples of AC Point Generation

When purchasing content.
AC points will be generated at 1% of the purchase price.

When continuing to subscribe to fee-based services.
(Currently only Project EGG).

Four months or greater: +5 points per month.
Seven months or greater: +7 points per month.
13 months or greater: +10 points per month.

When purchasing AC points with cash.
AC points can also be purchased directly. When purchasing AC points, a number of AC points greater than the amount of money used to purchase them will be generated. Three sets of AC points are available as listed below.

1000 Yen(tax excluded): 1134 Points.
2000 Yen(tax excluded): 2311 Points.
3000 Yen(tax excluded): 3564 Points.
5000 Yen(tax excluded): 6156 Points.
10000 Yen(tax excluded): 12960 Points.

You can purchase points on your My Page.
*Please be aware that points are not generated at the moment of the purchase of points.


Points can be obtained during the periodically held sales campaigns. Please be aware that the details of each campaign will change with each event.

Important Information About AC Points

AC points can not be used along with money.
AC points can not be used for the monthly Project EGG fee.
AC points are used with each point equaling one yen.
There is no time limit on the use of points, however, your points will be lost if you cancel your AC membership.
Points that gave been generated with multiple AC-IDs can not be combined into one account.

Our company may revoke AC points as a result of inappropriate actions, breaking the user agreement, or any other acts our company deems improper.