DS Collection 4

These are the two games "Adventure of Randar II" and "Samurai King Megas On Z" from the DS Summmer Vacation edition.
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DS Collection 4 offers these two games, which can be enjoyed as stand-alone games, from the ""Disc Station Summer Vacation edition"" released by Compile in the summer of 1989.

""Adventure of Randar 2"" :
Misfortune has struck the small planet of Alkali. One night, all young women on Alkali disappeared. Space detective Randar from the Hanamagari station has been chosen to solve this case. Randar's lover, Josephine, is one of the disappeared women.
This game was released as RPG four months (at that time) after its prequel ""Adventure of Randar""!

""Samurai King Megas On Z"" :
The setting is present day Japan. The story begins when mysterious monsters appear in front of Yoshitaka. Monsters that only Yoshitaka can see; crises that hit him one after another. The legend of the samurai king and the evil god king is about to revive. While being a command type adventure game, this also is a recklessly riding train-like dramatic action movie, in which the drama pushes on and on, like a jet coaster, without wanting to know anything about stopping but also without needing any courage.
Some may say something like they finished the game in only three hours. There's nothing to do about that - that's how the game was made.