Marvel PuttGolf 2

A putt golf game with eccentric courses. Challenge the 16 holes with an eccentric strategy and don't forget to make use of the reflecting walls!
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""Marvel PuttGolf 2"" is a putt golf game released by Compile in 1992 on the ""Disc Station 98 #9"". In this game, you can enjoy two game modes: 'stroke play', in which you can choose between the A course (a total of eight holes consisting of hole 1 to 8) and the B course (a total of eight holes consisting of hole 10 to 18), and 'select play', in which you can freely select the hole you wish to play. The main characteristic of this game is, like its prequel, that it features eccentric courses that one doesn't see in a real putt golf game. Some courses require billiard techniques, like using the wall to bounce the ball to the right direction. This game can be played by up to four players, so you'll probably have a good time when playing together with your friends. The basic principles of #2 follow those of its prequel, but there's more to it than just new courses. Various elements have been added, such as the ability to turn the ball, the fact that fields become very little and the pretty (?) sceneries. At the time of release, competitions were organized throughout Japan. The winner of such a competition could win prizes like a colored paper signed by the DS staff. These competitions were talked about a lot in that time.