An action puzzle game that circles around addition sums. Blocks disappear when you make 10 by adding numbers. Erase everything by making good use of items!
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""Addmath"", released by Compile in 1991, is a puzzle game that was published on ""Disc Station 98 #5"". This game is all about numbers and the rules are very simple. Drop the set of numbers that come floating from the right at any place you like in order to add it to the number below. When the outcome is 10, the blocks will disappear. When it's below 10, the outcome will be the new number and when the outcome is 11 or more, only one point will be taken, but as a penalty, the same block will be added at the left. The game is over when the blocks reach the edge on the right and the stage is cleared when you have nicely erased a set amount of blocks. By the way, the further you proceed in a stage, the more blocks will come from the right, increasing the difficulty level. The blocks that come floating from the right consist of multiple values, e.g. ""1 and 4"" or ""3 and 6"", but it's possible to change their order. Also, when you erase the blocks in a specific way, very helpful items appear, such as a magical bomb that erases all blocks of the same number, an item that lowers the moving speed of the blocks, a brake that can stop the blocks, a bonus adding 5000 points to your score or a block which erases blocks on the right edge. Make use of these items to effectively create a 10 and erase all the blocks!