DIRES -giger・loop-

A pole toppling game from 3D perspective. Cleverly arrange the poles, give it your full spatial perception skill and aim for the first position in rank A!
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""DIRES -giger loop-"" is an action game in 3D perspective released in 1987 by Bothtec. This is a unique game, in which you compete against CPU navigators called 'troopers'. Who is first to topple all the poles that are placed by the other party? Move around forward, backward, left and right and look for the poles you have to topple in a 3D field. This 3D field was very special at the time this game was released. Your aircraft accelerates while it proceeds or retreats and you topple a pole if you hit it with sufficient speed. If your speed is not high enough, you will be rebound instead, so be careful! There's no such thing as a rearview mirror, so the main strategy points of this game probably are being constantly aware of where the poles you have to topple are and thinking about places to put your poles where they are hard to topple by your opponent. What makes this game even more interesting is the existence of troopers called ""Simula"" which you can obtain when you have acquired a certain rank. These troopers, which you can use to battle instead of you, carry growth elements. In the beginning, they are very weak because they can only do simple things, but by driving in fighting skills in practice mode or by gaining experience in real battle, they grow stronger. The excitement of educating the Simula while losing time and again in the beginning, in order to finally defeat an enemy trooper, is probably the most fun part of this game. This game requires slight dexterity and a delicate strategy, because the field is shaped as a cylinder. This means that when you keep advancing, you will return to the starting point. This is an action game, but we also recommend it to people who like strategy games on a restricted field such as chess or shougi.