Compile Shooting Collection

A set containing the two golden Compile shooters Guardic and Gulkave.
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Shoot’em Up
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We offer you a set containing the games ""Guardic"" and ""Gulkave"", both having a special atmosphere even when compared to the many other Compile shooting games. These two games also have had a great influence on the later Compile shooters.

One of the charms of the first one, is that you are able to enhance your craft at the time of your choice, enabling you to overturn a desparate situation at once. The game structure, in which you have to intrude into the inside of a battleship which looks like a maze, has received much credit. The sequel, ""Blaster Burn"", is also present. Although the rules of the second one may be very simple, an investigation would learn that this is a supreme shooting game with a power up system that requires a strategic mind and in which keen attacks fuel the battle spirit throughout the 32 stages. Also today's gamers can't resist the enchantment of the graphics and the music that give the game its character.