Compile Shooting Collection
We offer you a set containing the games "Guardic" and "Gulkave", both having a special atmosphere even when compared to the many other Compile shooting games. It's available on Windows at the price of 735 JPY.
These two games also have had a great influence on the later Compile shooters.
One of the charms of the first one, is that you are able to enhance your craft at the time of your choice, enabling you to overturn a desparate situation at once. The game structure, in which you have to intrude into the inside of a battleship which looks like a maze, has received much credit. Even today's gamers can't resist the enchantment of the graphics and the music that give the game its character.
Aleste2 English
"Aleste 2" (1989), the sequel to Compile's definitive MSX shooting masterpiece, is now available for free as official English edition (Project EGG members only)!
Following the settings and the system of its prequel, both superficial aspects such as production and graphics and core elements such as the development of enemies and the game balance have been improved. It's suitable to say that even today it is a great shooter that will impress you.
Nyanpi Collection
Compile's popular MSX game released in 1990, is now available officially on Windows at the price of 735 JPY. This game features original 40 stages and much more extra stages that are not only well-designed but also will make you smile. Are you able to play Nyanpi all the way through?
"Guardic" (1986), Compile's another MSX shooting masterpiece, is now available on your Windows at the price of 735 JPY. With a game system in which you have to find your way to the core of a maze-like fortress while defeating enemies, Compile delivered a new game type that could be called "shooting for which you will need a map". What is waiting inside the core of the fortress...?
"TNT" (1987) is now available on your Windows at the price of 735 JPY. It's a "Commando"-style vertically scrolling shooting action game that takes place on the battlefield. Penetrate far behind the enemy front and rescue your comrades, who are imprisoned inside the base!
"Anty" (1984) is now available on your Windows at the price of 840 JPY. It's one of Bothtec's earliest classics in arcade style of those days. You are Anty the white ant and you are hungry again today. However, a frightening pesticide is aimed at you. You can't proceed to the next level until you have eaten all the branches of the tree while keeping away from the pesticide. Can you reach the eighth level?
"Zanac" (1986) is now available on your Windows at the price of 840 JPY. It's one of the greatest Compile shooter classics. Each time you play, a different game course can be enjoyed; it depends on the player's skills. In other words: it depends on how you play how you clear all eight stages.
Project EGG aims to bring games that were released in the earliest of times back to life in a modern Windows environment. We have brought back about 500 games on the Japanese market this way so far.

Now, we have introduced the Paypal payment system, so that also users outside Japan can enjoy Japanese retro games. At this moment, we are offering 11 retro games aimed at countries other than Japan. As you can play four of those for free, we'd really like you to try everything out!

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